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Why an interest rate war is good for you

Monday, February 02, 2015

How do you feel when another bank advertises amazing rates? Tempted to move banks? Well don't jump ship without calling me...

I make it my business to negotiate with the banks on your behalf, and if your bank doesn't seem to be participating in the war to get business it doesn't mean we can't get them to match the other offers.

There are some interesting tactics being used to get your business. Cash, TVs, Cash plus discounts. It takes a bit to unravel what the best deal is and you have to take into account the cost of moving banks as well.

So instead of jumping ship - call me, and we can go through the numbers and make sure you are better off moving, or whether we can negotiate a much better deal for you at your own bank.

Remember the banks really want your business if you have a 20% deposit or equity and can afford the loan, so you are in a powerful position. The more loans they have in this category means the more they can have with smaller deposits so they will look after you - but we have to ask for it!

Who do you know that wants an advisor who really works in their best interests and pushes for the best result? (and you know this is a free service, the banks pay me)

Pass this to your friends and colleagues so they can see what may be possible.

Or, if you haven't taken the plunge yet then Contact me if you'd like to discuss your own situation. 027 503 1080 or 03 319 5482.

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