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Friday, June 06, 2014

I'm so excited by the result I just got for a lovely young couple that I had to share it with you...

Just to set the scene, we had just got unconditional approval after a protracted discussion and negotiation over the building report.  It was a loan with a smaller deposit and the offer letter arrived in my inbox with not a minute to spare.  Exciting enough I have to say given the struggle to get there, and the fees were clearly laid out in the letter $500 application fee and around $2200 low equity fee (could be added to the loan). phew - no nasty surprises and just what we expected.

We have been told many times that lending at this level incurred fees and not to expect any gimmes, so we could have left it at that - But they had a bit more deposit and I thought we'd give it a crack to improve their situation and asked the bank what we could do for them.  Well... they made my day - 

$500 fee - waived - $2200 low equity fee - reduced to $650

Saving $2050

But thats not all - the bank is giving $2000 cash

AND they discounted the interest rate equating to $1950 saving over the 3 year period of their fixed loan.

Thats a wopping $6000 turnaround on what was originally offered!

So, who do you know that wants an advisor who really works in their best interests and pushes for the best result?

Pass this to your friends and colleagues so they can see what may be possible.  

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