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sick of paying for a lawyer to check when you go to auction

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm working with a lawyer in Chch who has offered a special deal for people going to auction.  Instead of paying each time to make the checks on a property they are doing a special package deal.  contact me and I'll put you in touch with them. it makes sense to save money on your legals

Freebies end date approaching

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The ASB Chch Rebuild and Autumn offer (cash and good discounts) is expiring at the end of June, so if you are pre approved, or wanting to buy then you might want to get cracking to make the most of the freebies that they are throwing around.  

The other banks are still doing good deals too which are limited in time, and driven by competition.  Of course I'll always work hard to get you the best deal from any bank compared to whats being offered by other banks, but right now, we are getting some outstanding deals that might not be around much longer.

insurance requirements easing up in Chch

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Great news! Insurance requirements are easing up

As you know that over the past 2 years the only way to insure a home when you buy is to transfer the existing insurance from the vendor to the purchaser.  This has been a cumbersome process (to be really nice about it...)  for lots of my clients. So I'm thrilled to let you know that some of the companies will offer you fresh insurance if you are an exisitng customer for car, contects etc.  And another company will offer insurance to non existing customers. And I even found out some may offer fresh insurance on houses that dont currently have insurance. (not TC3 for that one)

So,  all in all this is a very promising development and may simplify the process going forward.  If you'd like to know more just give me a bell. 027 503 1080, 03 319 5482.

dont let short term credit stop your chance of buying a home

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Did you know that every time you enquire about buying anything using finance terms it is recorded on your credit report?  You might be buying a laptop, furniture, TV - whatever and if you ask about the terms and they enquire for you then it will be recorded.  You dont even need to have taken the finance option, it will still be there.  Why is this important? well, the new scoring system takes this into account when giving you a credit score and the more enquiries you have had done the lower your score. This can affect your chances of getting a home loan approved.

Is it time to fix?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Dont feel panicked or pressured, but just to let you know...

Over the past week both BNZ and Westpac have increased their interest rates on the 18 months and 4 yr terms. The increases were small but some commentators think this may be a sign the banks are softening up borrowers for rate rises.

If you would like some certainty over your repayments then why dont you have a chat with us about whether you should fix on todays amazingly low rates or stay floating. Each family and situation is very different and so you need one on one service to get the best result. or

And of course, this will cost you nothing, because, as with all of our services the banks pay us to look after you.  Why not take advantage of our expertise to help make these major financial decisions.

Two for the price of one, we've got you covered...

In Sept last year Racheal Milne joined Investor Solutions.  She worked at Westpac for 8 years and brings a wealth of lending experience to our business.

Having Racheal as part of our team also means we can continue to look after your needs during peak times or when one of us takes a holiday.

And so we thought it was about time that we sent our newsletter out to our clients together.  Whether you are a client of Judes or Racheals you will receive this newsletter to update you on the ever changing finance world.

Who do You know that might benefit from our service?

We'd love to also be able to help your family and friends too and so here are our contact details for you to contact us individually:

Jude: , 03 319 5482, cell: 027 503 1080, skype: jude.anker

Racheal: , cell: 0274 818 503

Or,  you can point them to our website

Have an amazing day!

Jetstar lost luggage - which bank is like this?

Friday, June 29, 2012

The other week fair go had an episode about Jetstar charging exhorbitant fees for lost luggage and the like.  It reminded me of the way a couple of the banks advertise on TV.  All about cheap interest rates and being NZ owned.  Waht they dont tell you is that if you asked your broker to get you a good deal you may end up with better rates and cash.  AND we can get fees waived for things such as top ups and refixes.  Ive heard one bank charging $500 for a refix when the client went straight to them.

WARNING - buyer beware. if you want a jetstar experience and service then believe everyting you see on those adds for cheap interest rates.

Or - if you'd prefer professional ongoing service then contact us. We can usually get those rates matched and no ongoing charges.  It pays to work with professionals

Break fees paid by lender

Thursday, March 15, 2012
The other day I was offered payment for break fees for a client to be covered if we refinanced to another lender.  First time I'd come across this and so it opens up opportunities for people sitting on fixed who are not happy with their current arrangements.

Changes to affordability criteria

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two of the banks have changed their affordability criteria making it easier to get money.  This is great news if you have been declined in the past, it means you can have another shot at getting a home loan.

Banks paying break fees

Thursday, March 08, 2012

I had a call from one of the banks this week offering to help with break fees if we'd refinance over to them.  So if you are locking into a rate with a bank and getting nowhere maybe we have a solution.  its worth asking the question surely? might save thousands of $ like many of my clients have recently. In fact we saved $137 per week in interest by refinancing some of our own properties, and the cash the bank paid us covered legal and valaution costs. Give me a yell 03 319 5482, 027 503 1080.

Refinancing - is it worth it?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
The other day a client called to ask whether it was worth refinancing his rental property loan.  After I analysed his situation and interest he was paying at his existing lender I worked out he would save $60 per month in interest.  Because we got $1,750 from the new lender there was no cost to client to change banks.  So great win for him - $60 per month in his pocket.  Do you know anyone who would like to know if this might work for them?  Give me a yell 03 319 5482, 027 503 1080.

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