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Monday, October 20, 2014

Buying a home is hard enough, without having to figure out the right finance solution as well. If you want solid advice on the best option for your own situation then use my experience and expertise, its FREE after all...

Many of the banks are advertising on great interest rates and cash bonuses, but how do you know the best way to save you money and let you have a life too?

Your own bank may not even have the right product for you, and certainly dont have the time for you to call and discuss things when you are worried. So, do you want to:

  • income or savings to reduce the amount of interest you pay?

  • have flexibility of payments, in case you get bonus or commission income?

  • have stability, knowing what your repayments will be?

  • set and forget, knowing its been sorted.

I make it my business to discuss with you the options available and what might work best in your situation. And going forward we review your situation and keep things on track.

Remember its not the interest rate - its the structure that will save you thousands of $$ in the long run and take years off your mortgage.

Oh, and by the way - its free to you because the banks value what I do and they pay me to sort out your loan for them. How good is that!!!

Who do you know that wants an advisor who really works in their best interests and pushes for the best result?

Pass this to your friends and colleagues so they can see what may be possible.

Or, if you havent taken the plunge yet then Contact me if you'd like to discuss your own situation. 027 503 1080 or 03 319 5482.

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